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We are specializing in prototype, small and middle volume PCB orders with best price and high quality

PCBEARTH is committed to supply high quality and economically Turnkey PCB assembly service to all world customers. With many years of rich experience in the field of printed circuit board assembly, we have gained expertise in fulfilling assembly orders from simple to highly complex, easy and fast turnaround time. Our competent engineering and manufacturing team helps many customers solve their PCB assembly problems.

We can provide below PCB Assembly service:

Prototype PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Volume PCB Assembly

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Through-Hole Assembly

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

SMT PCB assembly

Why you should work with us?

1. Affordable and competitive pricing

We are capable of cutting manufacturing costs and eliminate unforeseen expenses. Because our professionals will manage each area carefully and flexibly, reducing costs without sacrificing product quality. Also, we have established a strategic partnership with the main agents of the original component manufacturers who can offer us the most cost-effective price. We guarantee that we can prepare high-quality electronic components at the best price and shortest delivery time.

2. Reliable quality control

We put quality at the top of every stage of operation including PCB assembly and have the ability to organize incoming raw materials, process control, and perfect testing, to provide you with the best PCB assembly. In order to maximize product quality, we boast mature and effective components procurement systems that serve the turnkey of PCB assembly at low cost and have a professional team responsible for our customer’s PCB components procurement and management.

3. The best services and capacities

We are the leading turn-key printed circuit board assembly solutions provider. From parts sourcing to PCB assembly, we can cover each one of your PCB requirements. We will help you in every step, and provide you with comprehensive professional knowledge and quality assurance. PCBEARTH is an electronic assembly company that can adapt to our services and provides customized manufacturing to meet customer needs. The trust of our customers is the driving force for us to move forward.

4. Real-time quotation

You can always get an quick quote for your custom PCB and PCB assembly inquiry, so you don’t have to wait a long time to know how much the order costs. In addition, to cope with the inconvenience caused by international time differences, we set up flexible working hours and work with customers to maximize timely response to customers.

5.On-time shipping

We understand how important it is to our customers that we deliver their PCBs on time, so you can launch your product faster and more efficiently. Our smart platform automatically collects and analyzes the data collected by the sensors and monitoring devices on the equipment, and helps us take corrective actions to improve efficiency. Second, we use the available capacity of the factory network so that the system can match your order with one of the most suitable factories in the shortest turnaround time.

6.Flexibility in service offerings

From extensive printed circuit board assembly to complex box-build or systems assembly, our facilities are equipped for maximum flexibility and are designed to meet your needs. Additionally, our unique global footprint enables us to provide customers with an adaptable, seamless transition between North America and Asia based on individual program volume needs.

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