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What is quick turn PCB assembly?

Quick turn PCB assembly means fast printed circuit board population service. Quick turn PCB assembly manufacturing is comprised of multi-level, dynamic variables requiring a thorough interactive understanding. A quick turn PCB can reduce delays,which ensures that a customer has their printed circuit board faster than ever before. Electronic products are updated apace, the process requirements of electronic products are getting higher and higher, so the demand for quick turn PCB assembly has been on the rise over the past few years as the increasing number of customers are faced with tight schedules and demanding deadlines.

When it comes to PCB manufacturing, quick turn PCB assembly is imperative because it is an essential source of competitive advantage for companies entering the market, and it enables them to in sync with new trends of the market and keeps pace with a posse of tough competitors.

Why need quick turn PCB assembly?

1. Shorten the time to market

With quick time-to-market being a big source of competitive advantage, quick turn assembly is gaining increased importance. It can effectively avoid the adverse effects of time to market sensitivity, inaccurate forecasting models, financial development shortcomings, or aggressive sales scheduling.
2. Save time and reduce costs
The major benefit of quick turn PCB assembly is time and cost savings. It saves time because manufacturers and PCB shoppers don't need to spend time making changes after the manufacturing process is completed. Also, it saves cost by ensuring that there are no errors in the manufacture of prototype PCB before the manufacturing process.
3.Ample time to test the product
The correct evaluation can ensure that your design is feasible, which helps avoid any expensive rework and market delays and simplifies the complex logistics and product development process throughout the production process.

What are the main factors affecting the quick turn PCB assembly?

Factors affecting the price of quick turn PCB assembly are including PCB board materials, production processes, difficulty level, customer demand, area, method of payment, and other fields.

1. Different PCB board materials cause different prices. Factors contributing to the cost gap include sheet materials which generally include FR-4, and CEM-3;the thickness of the sheet varies from 0.6mm to 3.0mm; the thickness of the copper varies from ½Oz to 3Oz. There is also a certain price difference between raw materials in solder mask coating.

2. Different production processes can result in different costs. It must adopt some special calculation methods because of the particularity of its technology or material, such as Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL); Lead-free HASL; Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG); Immersion Silver.

3. Difficulty level of quick turn PCB assembly results in different prices, even if the materials are as same as processes. For example, two plates with different diameters and line width and line spacing will also cause different production costs. Since some boards’ scrap rate is very high, the cost will inevitably increase.

4. Different customer needs can also lead to different prices. The level required by the customer will directly affect the yield of the sample. the price is different caused by other factors, such as expedited cost, patchwork cost, water and electricity, management cost, logistics cost, etc.

Why partner with us for quick turn PCB assembly?

By working with a PCB manufacturer that offers quick turn PCB assembly, your business can avoid costly delays and ensure that the PCB design is correct before placing an order. Here’s why you should go the quick turn PCB assembly with us:

1: Shortest turnaround time
Due to the rapid development of science and technology, we have opened a separate advanced PCB production workshop to help our customers obtain the best time to market and competitive advantage through our advanced manufacturing capabilities, on-time delivery, and superior product quality. Through our rigorous testing procedures, you can be satisfied with our high-tech work. Also, fast delivery will never affect the quality.

2: A very budgetary price
We guarantee that we can prepare high-quality electronic components at the best price and shortest delivery time, because our professionals will manage each area carefully and flexibly, reducing costs without sacrificing product quality. Also, we have established a strategic partnership with the main agents of the original component manufacturers who can offer us the most cost-effective price.

3: Quickly electronic components sourcing
Over 8 years, we have built strong relationships with industry-leading suppliers who help us in fastening the process. Also, we have an extensive inventory of many frequently used components. Therefore, we can prepare high-quality electronic components in the shortest time.

4: Quick Prototype Development
We provide quick prototyping services for fast-tracking large-scale PCB production, so we are an ideal manufacturing partner to provide PCB prototypes with fast delivery to shorten the time to market. This process can be an invaluable time-saver and for your business.

What kinds of quick turn PCB assembly we can provide?

We strive to be the easiest manufacturer for you to work with. We have an experienced assembly team to ensure that your PCB design can be produced quickly. Our customers can cooperate with us because we can complete tasks on time. No matter how difficult your project is, we have the expertise to handle various PCB assembly orders. These are the main reasons that make us a high-quality and reliable PCB assembly service manufacturer.

We regularly deliver the quick turn PCB assembly in:
·Multilayer – up to 28 layers

Besides, our quick turn PCB assembly services are primarily utilized by our clients in the following industries:

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