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What is PCB fabrication and assembly?

PCB fabrication and assembly refers to a company that can provide bare board fabrication and assembly services. And achieve a seamless transition from bare board manufacturing to assembly. The customer has only one order and only one invoice.

At Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology, we focus on complete turnkey PCB manufacturing and assembly. We are committed to ensuring that our products are delivered to our customers at the highest level of quality from start to finish, suitable for any batch project of up to 10,000 printed circuit boards. This process starts with our design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) inspection procedures. Before the start of PCB manufacturing and parts procurement, our well-trained quality assurance engineering team will perform this value-added service to help our customers identify any problems in the PCB design before they have a chance to affect the finished product. We provide our customers with manufacturability design and assembly design guidelines to help them understand our capabilities and develop the most efficient and cost-effective products possible.

The benefit of PCB fabrication and assembly?

1. There are no carriage costs associated with shipping the bare boards prior to assembly, as all production is done in-house. Bare boards are simply transferred from the PCB fabrication department and onto one of the assembly lines.

2. The risk of errors are reduced through better interdepartmental communication, as opposed to working through a series of ‘middle men’ either in this country or overseas.
3. It will reduced lead times and thus a reduced ‘time to market’, as there are no delays associated with waiting for the bare boards to be delivered following manufacture. Delivery as quick as this helps maintain customer momentum.
4. It is also much easier to oversee and audit one company’s manufacturing process than assess that of several. For example If a customer wants to discuss a project or solve a technical problem, it will be much cheaper and more convenient to visit only one supplier.
Since our establishment in 2009, we have been one of China's professional PCB manufacturing and assembly service providers, providing services to global experts, engineers and manufacturers. With more than ten years of experience in custom printed circuit board development, manufacturing, assembly and testing, we now have the ability to provide a full range of services, from rapid PCB prototyping, circuit board manufacturing, PCB assembly to component procurement services, all of which guarantee quality And cost performance.

Why choose our PCB Fabrication And Assembly

1.Printed circuit board assembly

Focusing on PCBA manufacturing, we use advanced German and Japanese SMT equipment, high-speed placement machines, automatic presses and 10 temperature reflow soldering machines. Our PCBA components and dust-free workshop are guaranteed by AOI and X-ray inspection and passed ISO9001 certification. The reliable quality of PCBA is guaranteed from staff, raw materials, equipment, environment and system management.
2. Printed circuit board Fabrication
a. 24-hour expedited service for 2-layer PCB and 2-4 days for multilayer PCB. Thousands of unique PCB designs are produced every month.
b. The products currently produced include backplanes, hybrid boards, HDI boards, high TG boards, high frequency boards, halogen-free boards, Flex and Rigid Flex boards, metal substrates, IC substrates, etc.
c. Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology is equipped with advanced machines from the United States, Japan, Israel, the European Union and Taiwan.
3. A Fine Team
All your orders will receive free engineering document review services from our well-trained professional and technical personnel in the most timely manner before manufacturing. Whenever you encounter any problems, you can contact the on-site customer service staff to reply to your emails or messages. From the moment you submit the Gerber file to the moment you receive the PCB and assembled PCB, our service staff will follow up your order with satisfaction.
4. Reliable Quality
When you choose Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology as your printed circuit board supplier, you will have a company with a ten-year history of providing high-quality PCB solutions to a global customer base. We put quality as the top priority at every stage of our operations, including PCB development, manufacturing and assembly. One of the key reasons why we have become the preferred PCB manufacturer for global customers is that we comply with the strict quality standards applicable to each of our industrial management systems.

We can provide service:

 PCB Fabrication
 PCB Assembly
 Components sourcing
 Single FR4 boards
 Double-sided FR4 boards
 High technology blind and buried via boards
 Multilayer boards
 Thick-copper
 High frequency
 Multilayer HDI PCB
 Isola Rogers
 Rigid-flex
 Teflon
Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology provides complete turnkey and partial turnkey circuit board assembly services. We specialize in rigid and flexible PCB assembly. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art assembly equipment enable us to meet all your PCBA needs in a low-cost manner.
If you have any questions, please contact freely, we will reply to you ASAP.

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