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What is turnkey PCB assembly?

Turnkey PCB assembly is also known as a one-stop PCB assembly. “Turnkey” refers to a product or service that is ready for immediate use for the buyer and when applied to PCB assembly, which means that the supplier will handle all aspects of the PCB project, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, components sourcing, and testing. Turnkey PCB assembly uses internet cloud-based software and powerful machinery to develop printed circuit boards quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively for small businesses.

There are two types of turnkey PCB assembly: partial and full. Partial turnkey services are a form of consignment manufacturing, in which only part of the assembly process is outsourced. However, if you do not know where the order is correct or do not know which components are suitable for your circuit board design, full turnkey service is a more appropriate option. It can dramatically improve your experience with acquiring PCB—especially if you are not familiar with circuit boards.

What are the main factors affecting the turnkey PCB assembly price?

When it comes to turnkey PCB assembly, many factors make much difference to its cost that is comprised of PCB fabrication, electronic component procurement, circuit board assembling, handling fees, and shipping charge.

Beginning with the technology used for the number of components, there are a series of aspects that directly affect the cost. However, many indirect factors including lack of professional and technical staff, lack of test equipment, or even lack of assembly design and manufacturing design also increases the cost of PCB assembly.
Similarly, in the design phase itself, components must be selected carefully, and the placement of these components will also affect costs. Therefore, it should be ensured that the design is designed for manufacturing, which helps to eliminate problems in the design stage and control costs to a large extent.
To sum up, there are several main factors including:
1. Order quantity
2. PCB technical requirements, such as the number of layers, types or surface, etc.
3. Surface mounted technology or through-hole technology.
4. Single-sided or double-sided SMT assembly
5. Total number of components
6. Types and versatility of components
7. The complexity of printed circuit board assembly
8. Number of BGA components and parts
9. Other special requirements

Why partner with us for turnkey PCB assembly service?

When working with a supplier of turnkey assembly for your product line, you need a partner you can trust. Being a leading form of electronic assembly, our turnkey PCB assembly services come in several benefits to the customers as follow:

1. An professional team and state-of-the-art assembly equipment
With years of experience, our experienced personnel and suite of advanced equipment are capable of meeting all of your electronic assembly needs, thus they not only help meet your expectation in terms of quality but also complete your projects faster. We are capable of offering full turnkey PCB services, from PCB prototyping, circuit board manufacturing, PCB assembly to component procurement services, all of which can guarantee quality and cost-effective prices. Our products are widely used in aerospace, medical, automotive, instrumentation, emergency response, military, data communications, telecommunications, LED lighting, and other fields.

2. High-quality service standards and levels
We have capabilities of organizing incoming raw materials, process control, refined tests to offer you the best PCB assembly services that many large companies cannot provide. Also, our sales and technical support services keep interacting with you to ensure that your expectations for quality, delivery, and total cost control can be fully met. We will assign dedicated personnel to be responsible for each turnkey PCB assembly project and customer, so if customers have other requirements for testing, inventory, packaging, or transportation, we will do our best to meet them. Our excellent customer satisfaction is a testament to our ability to serve.
Our customers enjoy:
1) Over 8 years of Turnkey PCB Assembly manufacturing experience.
2) PCBs flow seamlessly from fabrication to assembly.
3) Files receive full CAM review prior to manufacturing.
4) No set-up fees & no stencil charges for repeat orders.
5) By taking the PCB manufacturing and turnkey assembly approach has reduced the overall cost of production drastically.
6) In full turnkey PCB assembly, all these are done together, which shortens your full delivery time.

3. Comprehensive quality control
We are committed to continual quality improvement in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to satisfying the needs of those depending on us. In order to maximize product quality, we boast mature and effective components procurement systems that serve the turnkey of PCB assembly at low cost and have a professional team responsible for our customer’s PCB components procurement and management. With a single source method, we can handle any complex project and complete it in a short delivery time without compromising quality.

4. Competitive price and speed
We put our heart into preventing defects by focusing on the process that ultimately brings about better product quality at a reduced cost. Considering the big price gap between different suppliers, we only source from reliable suppliers who may have no price advantages. Before making any decision, we will always ask for your consent. Each area will be carefully and flexibly managed by our professionals, so as to reduce costs without sacrificing product quality. With our turnkey PCB assembly services, you can build and refine prototypes easier, faster, and cost-effectively.

5. Timely quotation and real-time monitoring
we offer instant quotes for your turnkey PCB assembly order, so you don’t need to wait a long time to know the cost of the order. In addition, you can also view the real-time status of the project. This helps you to monitor the PCB manufacturing stage. To compensate for the inconvenience caused by the international time difference, we set up flexible working hours, working with customers to maximize and timely response to the customer.

What kinds of turnkey PCB assembly we can provide?

We deliver the industry’s leading custom turnkey PCBA manufacturing services:

·Prototype turnkey PCB assembly PCB assembly
·Full turnkey PCB assembly
·Quick turn PCB assembly
·Partial turnkey PCB assembly
·Consignment assembly
·RoHS compliant lead-free assembly

Our company is capable of the perfect service of PCB prototype design and small and medium batch production operation--professional DFM (manufacturing design) to check your every order. With the ability to organize incoming raw materials, process control, and detailed testing, we can provide you with the best PCB assembly services, from low volume to high volume. If there are defects related to PCB design and PCB manufacturing during the PCB installation process, our engineers will report a DFM report immediately.
We also can provide a flexible single point of contact service and at the same time, we have an experienced team of engineers to support. Professional and reliability are the keys to our successful PCB assembly.

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