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SMT stencil

In order to meet customer's SMT requirements, PCBearth also produces solder paste stencils.

Stencil, also known as the SMT stencil, plays a key role in transferring the exact amount of solder paste to the correct location on the bare PCB to be assembled. In other words, stencil can quickly and effectively ensure the most accurate amount of solder paste and the best electrical connection. Using the solder stencil, you can use a metal scraper blade to easily apply the solder paste on the opening of the PCB and align the stencil with the surface of the advanced circuit board.
In order to use the stencil to obtain a good printing effect, PCBearth has made a lot of efforts:
We use the correct solder paste material, including the correct metal content, viscosity, the largest powder size, and the lowest possible flux activity. And we use the most advanced equipment, using suitable stencil, printers and squeegee blade.


The surface mount assembly process uses templates as a way to achieve accurate and repeatable solder paste deposition. The template is a sheet or foil of brass or stainless steel in which a circuit pattern is cut to match the position pattern of the surface mount device (SMD) on the printed circuit board (PCB) where the template is to be used. After accurately positioning and matching the template on the PCB, the metal squeegee forces the solder paste through the holes of the template to form deposits on the PCB to hold the SMD in place. When the solder paste deposit passes through the reflow oven, it melts and fixes the SMD to the PCB.


The steel is a kind of bare stainless steel plate. It can be in a frame or without a frame. The frame is used for the automatic template machine. Non-frames are used for manual welding. Generally, frames are heavier and larger than non-frames. Therefore, the transportation cost of the frame is higher, and the size and weight transportation fee may be charged.

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