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Components Sourcing Services

If you’re designing a new product that you plan to produce in time, you need to start sourcing components early in the design phase.

PCBearth is your best partner to source parts for turnkey PCB assembly service. Our expertise in PCB and know-how in components sourcing are key to ensure full compliancy with your project quality requirements. We support you throughout the whole supply chain: quality requirement review, parts selection, procurement and storage. We guarantee to provide accurate and high quality parts. If the components are wrong or any quality problem, please notify us within 45 days from date of shipment. You agree to pay for the return shipping on exchanges and returns and we will reimburse this cost if the components really have quality problem or we didn't according to your requirement so that buy the wrong components. Not warranty will apply if this case was caused by your BOM which didn't defined clearly, we will strictly according to your BOM or components list to sourcing.

How to get a quotation of components sourcing?

Firstly, you have to prepare a detailed BOM. It is a comprehensive list of raw materials, items, components and sub-components, components, etc. used in product manufacturing. Send the BOM to us, and we will give the quotation within 1-2 working days.

Usually, it takes about one week to complete the component purchase from the date the parts are ordered to the date the parts are obtained. According to the difficulty of components sourcing, the delivery time is different, and the shortest delivery time is only 3 days.

Please send the Gerber files and BOM list to to get your quotation on time. 

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