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What is a through-hole assembly?

Through-hole technology consists of circuit boards with predrilled holes and components with leads that are inserted into the holes and soldered to the pads on the opposite side. This can be done manually or with automated insertion mount machines.

Over time, PCB design shifted from single-sided boards to double-sided boards, and then multilayer boards. Through-hole assembly is difficult to meet the requirements of modern electronic products. Today, SMT technology has largely replaced the through-hole structure in PCB manufacturing. However, through-hole assembly is still irreplaceable in some applications, such as electrolytic capacitors, connectors, and large transformers.

Advantages of through-hole assembly

1. High reliability

The through-hole assembly provide higher environmental stress because the components are fixed on the board by using leads inserted into the holes, rather than simply soldered on the surface of the PCB like SMT components. Therefore, through-hole assembly provides a stronger physical connection, making it the preferred process for the medical, military, and aerospace industries with high reliability requirements.

2. Higher durability

With high heat resistance and high stress tolerance, through-hole components often appear in industrial machinery and equipment.

3. Easy for manual operation

Through-hole components are easier to replace or adjust their positions, making this assembly method widely used in applications that require PCB testing and PCB prototyping.

4. Withstand pressure

In contrast to SMT components, through-hole assembly are known for their ability to withstand mechanical and environmental pressure.

Get an end-to-end through-hole PCB assembly (THA) solution from prototype to production. At PCBEarth, we are committed to providing high-end technical solutions. To this end, we provide complete through-hole PCB assembly capabilities to produce PCBs that meet international quality standards.
Our through-hole PCB assembly services include manual and automatic techniques. Although our manual technology can handle complex assemblies, automated technology is most suitable for small batch production and reduced material handling.

We can provide below service:

1. Manual and automated placement of components

2. Hand soldering

3. Automate axial or radial insertion

4. Dual wave flow solder

5. RoHS soldering or ‘legacy’ assembly using tin lead solder

6. Use of high and low melting point solder

7. Prototype build to high volume assembly

8. Functional test and automated inspection

9. Conformal coating

10. PCB encapsulation (potting)

11. Device programming

What’s more, we have a highly trained and experienced team that specializes both in hand soldering of components as also automated insertion for both axial and radial components as also automated dual wave solder.
In addition to through hole PCB assembly, we also provide value-added services, such as conformal coating, labeling, and complete PCB encapsulation.

Why choose our through-hole assembly?

1. Over 15 years of experience and expertise in delivering cutting edge products.

2. Quick turnaround times and stringent delivery schedules.

3. Full and partial turnkey solutions.

4. RoHS compliant assemblies.

5. No minimum order quantities. You can count on us for prototypes as well as large production runs.

6. A vastly experienced workforce that specialises in hand assembly and hand soldering of components. Our staff is highly trained to the IPC 610 Standards which means that they are able to provide consistently high-quality through hole PCB assembly.

7. Optimal costs.

8. When we provide customers with through-hole PCB assembly services, we strive to comply with IPC quality standards every time because we know the importance of keeping electrical components as safe and efficient as possible. It is important to understand the common defects in through-hole assembly PCBs and how to avoid them and build rugged products.

PCBEarth is fully capable of providing prototype and small quantity, through-hole PCB assembly services at the highest quality level possible in a cost effective manner.

PCBEarth is located in Shenzhen and can provide through-hole assembly clothes for customers in all regions of the world. Our 20,000-square-foot factory has passed ISO 9001 certification and FDA registration for medical device assembly and related sanitary manufacturing.
Let us work with you to transform your vision into a marketable product. Since 2009, we have been a partner for demanding commercial and industrial customers who need reliable PCB assembly services.
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