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Professional PCB Fast prototyping Service Provider - PCBEarth

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Professional PCB Fast prototyping Service Provider - PCBEarth

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology (PCBEarth) mainly provides PCB fast prototyping and volume production services, and our processing capacity is 20,000/month. PCB quick proofing is mainly processed and produced in the form of

electroplating processing, and the production cycle is 1-7 days. Our company has a professional processing team and the latest processing and production equipment.

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   PCBEarth is located at No. 5, Youyi South Road, Nianfeng First Industrial Zone, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. It is a service-oriented company engaged in PCB fast proofing. The company's business type is self-

employed, with advanced technology and equipment, in line with the purpose of professional, responsible, and excellent service. Trusted by the majority of customers across the country.

Based on the principle of fair trade, it uses the method of piece-based billing to charge the majority of demand groups. Customers who have service needs, please make an appointment by telephone from Monday to Sunday. Make an appointment in advance, we can arrange the PCB fast proofing service for you in advance. After the service is over, you can directly pay for the transaction by bank transfer.

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Value-added services: provide free phone appointment
PCB fast proofing brand: synthesis fast
Service Standard: Respect customers, meet customer needs, and do a good job of service
Terms of Service: The final interpretation of the service items belongs to our company
Price: Negotiation
Service items: PCB quick proofing
Service Features: Provide online reservation
Service target: demand group
Production cycle: 1-7 days
Business hours: Monday to Sunday

  Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology has been standing in Shenzhen for many years, with advanced and precise processing equipment and professional technicians, leading the strength in similar industries. We mainly provide processing services with the characteristics of providing online reservations-PCB fast proofing. The processing cycle is 3-5 days.

Thank you for reading this article, we are waiting for your phone consultation for high-quality PCB fast proofing, cheap PCB assembly, turnkey PCB assembly, PCB fast proofing price, PCB fast proofing price is affordable. Please log in for more information.

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