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PCBEarth provide professional high-quality circuit board prototyping service

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PCBEarth provide professional high-quality circuit board prototyping service

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (PCBEarth) has been adhering to the quality policy of "quality first, customer first, prevention and control, and continuous improvement". We try our best to produce every circuit board. The product cycle provided is 5-60 minutes, and it is a fast-growing enterprise in Guangdong Province.

PCBEarth is located at No. 5, Youyi South Road, Nianfeng First Industrial Zone, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. It is a service-oriented company engaged in circuit board proofing. The company's business type is self

employed, with advanced technology and equipment, in line with sincere service, and the pursuit of perfect service purpose. It is trusted by the majority of customers in the whole world.

The above high-quality circuit board proofing is affordable, in addition to the following features. Please continue reading:

Service Features: Online reservations available
Value-added services: provide free phone service
Circuit board proofing brand: quick synthesis
Production cycle: 1-10 days
Service Standard: Serve customers wholeheartedly and faithfully perform their professional duties
Terms of Service: End of service, payment is settled
Price: Negotiation
Service target: demand group
Processing capacity: 1000 items/day
Maximum supply: 1500items/day
Service tenet: sincere service, pursuit of perfection
Business hours: Monday to Friday
Appointment method: telephone appointment; online appointment

Reasonable price of printed circuit board proofing, cheap circuit board proofing, PCB proofing price, low price wholesale circuit board proofing, Shenzhen circuit board proofing For more information, please call for more details.

Since its development, PCBEarth has been continuously improving our technical level and production equipment.

Based on the service principle of fair trade, it uses daily billing to charge the majority of demand groups. If you have any needs, please make an appointment by phone from Monday to Friday; online The way to make an appointment

Make an appointment in advance. We will make the pre-arrangement for the circuit board proofing service for you in advance. After the service is over, you can directly pay for the transaction by bank transfer.

Since the customers wants to choose a better circuit board prototyping, why not choose the service provided by PCBEarth? The company specializes in circuit board proofing and processing, has a large market space in China, and

provides The service is also loved by many demand groups, you will not regret choosing PCBEarth!

Please log on to the website to learn more about the circuit board proofing, circuit board proofing agents joining, circuit board proofing agents, and circuit board proofing prices.

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