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What will cause poor PCBA solder mask?

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What will cause poor PCBA solder mask?

In the PCBA packaging process, solder mask is a very important coating material. Provides dielectric and mechanical shielding for PCBA boards during and after soldering and prevents solder deposits in this location. Generally, the two commonly used welding film materials in electronic processing plants are liquid film and dry film.

Solder film is very important in PCBA manufactures and SMT solder mask ink. Its main function is to protect the circuit board, prevent the conductor from wetting, and prevent the short circuit of the circuit board caused by the influence of moisture. The following is a brief introduction to poor PCBA solder film design:
1. Pad through hole line. In principle, resistance soldering should be done on the wires between the vias that connect to the pads.

2. The resistance welding design between the pad, and the pattern specification of the resistance welding should conform to the design of the welding end distribution of the specific component. If windowed resistance welding is used between pads, the short circuit between pads will not occur.

3. The resistance welding diagram of the components is improperly dimensioned, and the resistance welding diagram is designed too large, which will "shield" and lead to open welding, so that the distance between the components is too small.
4. There is no resistance welding film and no resistance welding hole under the module. After wave soldering, the solder on the hole may affect the reliability of IC soldering, and may also cause defects, such as short circuit of components.

The above are the factors that cause poor PCBA solder mask, I hope the above little knowledge can help you! 

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