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Aluminum PCB For Led

Metal Core PCB

Aluminum PCB For Led

Layers: 1

Thickness: 1.0mm

PCB size: 305mm*35mm

Materials: FR4

Soldermask: White

Surface finish: OSP

Trace width/space: 7/7mil

Application: LED

  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

Classification of aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCBs are basically divided into three categories.

1. General-purpose aluminum substrate: The dielectric layer used here is made of epoxy glass fiber pre-preg.

2. High thermal conductivity aluminum PCB: The dielectric layer is made of epoxy resin. The resin used must have high thermal conductivity.

3. High-frequency aluminum substrate: The dielectric layer is composed of polyolefin or polyimide resin glass fiber pre-preg.


Aluminum PCB and its application in LED lighting industry: 

In our technology-based society, printed circuit boards or PCBs are everywhere. Everything from computers to medical equipment to cars contains these PCBs in one form or another. However, not all PCBs are the same-many of them use different designs or materials to suit unique uses. The substrate is especially important for the circuit board, it helps to determine the efficiency of the circuit board's heat transfer.

Certain applications require specific properties of their circuit boards. This is especially true for temperature-sensitive applications, one of which is LED lighting. The LED lighting industry is rapidly expanding in response to increasing interest in more efficient and cost-effective lighting methods, but most of the functions of LED lights depend on the temperature of their systems. For many companies, the solution to this problem is to use aluminum-based PCBs.

To help you understand the reasons why PCBs are used in the LED lighting industry, we have outlined the nature of PCB substrates, the attractiveness of aluminum PCBs, and why they work well in the LED lighting industry.

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