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Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Layers: 4
Thickness: 2.5mm
PCB size: 155*128mm
Materials: Rogers+FR4
Soldermask: Blue
Surface finish: Immersion Gold
Trace width/space: 3/4 mil
Application: Electronic communication
  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

Generally speaking, multi-layer PCBs are used for more complex devices, but 1 or 2 layer PCBs are used for simple devices. Undoubtedly, electronic engineers prefer to choose a multilayer PCB because it can provide high signal strength. A 2-layer PCB is the most common of all PCB types because it can accommodate interconnections on both sides. Therefore, we will explain the difference between a 2-layer PCB and a 4-layer PCB, and how to choose the right type for your project. 

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology established in 2009, has mainly produced single, double and Multilayer PCB more than 10 years. Also, we can help customer do PCB assembly and provide one-stop service. Whether it is SMT assembly, surface mount assembly, or circuit card assembly services that you are looking for, we at KAISHENG PCB have and specialize in the entire range of printed circuit board assembly services. Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology uses international advanced circuit board equipments and employs specialized talents for managing. Productions are exported to Europe and America, southeast Asia, England, America, Russia and other countries.


Multilayer immersion gold board production process:

Cutting —> Inner Layer —> Layer Stack —> Drilling —> Sinking/1ST Copper Plating —> Layout —> 2nd Copper Plating —> Etching —> Solder Mask —> Legend Printing —> Immersion Tin (or Immersion Gold) —> CNC Routing —> V Cut (some boards do not need this) —> Flying Probe Test —> Vacuum Packaging

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