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Layers: 6

Thickness: 3.0mm

PCB size: 215*146mm

Materials: High TG FR4 IT 180

Soldermask: Green

Surface finish: Immersion Gold

Trace width/space: 6/6 mil

Application: Electronic communication

  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology is a leading supplier of multilayer printed circuit boards, which are more complex and have many differences from standard single sided and double-sided PCBs.

The multilayer printed circuit board has at least three layers of conductive material, arranged in the middle, and multiple other layers are stacked on this core. In many cases, these other layers are copper foil, but as a smart multilayer PCB supplier, Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology can work with you to support a large number of materials.


Benefits of multilayer PCBS:

The entire curing process used to manufacture multilayer printed circuit boards creates a uniform, extremely tough, and robust multilayer board. This provides multiple benefits:

Considerable space saving

EMI shield with ground plane and power plane

High packing density

More flexible board

Reduce the need for interconnect wiring

Combine impedance characteristics more simply


Multilayer printed circuit board technology:

The manufacture of multilayer circuit boards starts with the creation of the PCB core.

Prepreg layer made of the same material as the core is added. These layers are not fully cured, so they can be adjusted and processed more than the core.

Foil is then added and can be alternated with additional prepreg layers through a lamination process. We are a mature manufacturer of multi-layer PCBs, so we rely on the latest pressure and high temperature technology to ensure that the circuit boards are properly fused and the prepreg layers are safely melted to connect all layers.

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