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6 Layer PCB Fabrication

Multilayer PCB

6 Layer PCB Fabrication

Layers: 6

Thickness: 3.2 mm

PCB size: 152*128mm

Materials: FR4

Soldermask: Green

Surface finish: Immersion Gold

Trace width/space: 5/5 mil

Application: Consumer Electronics

  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

6-layer PCB board is usually a 4-layer PCB board with 2 additional signal layers added between the planes. The 6-layer PCB classic stackup includes 4 wiring layers (2 outer layers + 2 inner layers) and 2 inner planes (one for ground and the other for power). This significantly enhances EMI by providing 2 buried layers for high-speed signals and 2 surface layers for routing low-speed signals. The signal layer should be close to the adjacent plane.


Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology provides 6-layer PCB, 8-layer PCB, and up to 28-layer PCB:

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology is a reputable PCB Fab house with good pricing on 6-layer PCB prototype. We can supply our customers with a RoHS compliant 6 layer PCB board using laminate materials that can be matched up with the exposure to high temperatures during your assembly processes. Most people think that the technical content of online PCB ordering is very low. But with Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology with more than 65 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, you can trust us because you know that your high-tech circuit boards will be manufactured with the highest quality without any delay. However, there are some attributes that may affect the delivery time without the need for document review to determine the actual processing time.

No order is too small or too big. We understand what it takes to quickly produce high-tech printed circuit boards with the highest reliability. We can complete production orders of several pieces or as short as 5 days in 1-2 days, depending on customer needs.


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