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PCB Aluminium Led

Layers: 1

Thickness: 1.6 mm

PCB size: 68mm

Materials: FR4

Soldermask: Black

Surface finish: HASL Lead free

Trace width/space: 8/8 mil

Application: LED light

  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

What is an aluminum PCB?

The layout of an aluminum PCB is similar to any other PCB. It has one or more layers of copper, solder mask and screen printing on it. However, aluminum circuit boards do not have glass fiber or plastic substrates, but have metal substrates. The base mainly contains a combination of aluminum. The metal core can be composed entirely of metal or a combination of glass fiber and aluminum. Aluminum PCBs are usually single-sided, but they can also be double-sided. Multi-layer aluminum PCBs are very difficult to manufacture.


Advantages of PCB Aluminium Led: 

Aluminum is often used in LED circuit boards because of its advantages.

1. lower the cost

The cost of aluminum LED PCB is much lower than other metal core PCB. For large-capacity heat dissipation, this is a cost-effective solution. In addition, there is no need to use a radiator.

2. Excellent heat dissipation

PCB Aluminium Led is used because of its excellent heat dissipation. Compared with other electronic components, LEDs emit more heat; therefore, they require excellent heat dissipation capabilities. It can extend the service life of components and avoid any damage to them.

3. Lower power consumption

The efficiency of high-quality LED lamps is six to seven times that of traditional incandescent lamps. On average, switching your house from incandescent to LED lights can reduce energy consumption by more than 80%.

4. Durable

The metal core PCB is durable. They will not bend due to high temperatures and can withstand wear. They are sturdy and durable, which is why they are used in cars and street lights.

5. Longer service life

The service life of LED bulbs can exceed 25,000 hours or three years of 24/7 use. This is 25 times that of any traditional light bulb. This saves you the time, money and energy of buying and installing new bulbs!

6. Very compact

Due to its small size, LED lights can be used in applications of various sizes and varieties. This means that manufacturers can plug LEDs into anything from computers and smart phones to cars and traffic lights.

7. Light

Compared with other metals, aluminum is lighter. Due to the light weight, the weight of the final product is lighter.

8. Mercury-free, more environmentally friendly

Unlike traditional options, LED lamps do not contain mercury. Compared with traditional light bulbs, LEDs have less impact on the environment and are easier to handle without special processing procedures.

9. Dimensional stability

Aluminum shows incredible dimensional stability. It will not bend or expand too much at high temperatures. The components on the board remain intact.

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