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Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication

Flexible PCB

Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication

Layers: 6
Thickness: 1.6mm
PCB size: 75*205mm
Materials: FR4+PI
Soldermask: Green
Surface finish: HASL Lead free
Trace width/space: 5/5mil
Application: Consumer Electronics
  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

What are the advantages of flexible PCB?

Flexible PCBs are lightweight, easy to install, durable, and compact. The wide range of motion makes it ideal for almost all applications. Use flexible circuits in "bend mount" applications or dynamic applications, where the circuit moves continuously. Flexible circuits are also conducive to design packaging where space is the main concern.

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology has been producing quality PCB and provide one-stop PCB service for our customers since 2009. The object of its activity is to manufacture, assembly of all types of PCB including rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid flex PCB, PCB assembly equipment Further it specializes in Engineering prototype and quick turn production.
We have emphasized quality and speed of processing an order since the beginning of our company. Owing to high expertise of data processing, we make the production of printed circuits possible. During last years Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology has invested great money into new technologies, which have noticeably improved the quality of our products and have opened us the path even to the most demanding customers.

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