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10 Layer PCB Fabrication

High Layers PCB

10 Layer PCB Fabrication

Layers: 10

Thickness: 2.8 mm

PCB size: 126*175mm

Materials: FR4+ RoHS

Soldermask: Green

Surface finish: ENEPIG 

Trace width/space: 4/4 mil

Application: Satellite systems

  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

10-layer PCBs are becoming more and more popular in the satellite, GPS, and memory module industries. Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology has provided services from prototype 10-layer PCB manufacturing to mass production for more than 9 years. 

10-layer board manufacturing process: 

Shear material to size/baking material—> Inner layer drilling—> Inner layer pattern transfer—> Inner layer circuit inspection—> Etching/stripping—> Etching inspection—> Browning- –> Preparation of prepreg—> Laminate—> Cutting of copper foil—> Positioning—> Laminating—> Target hole—> Drilling—> Glue removal Slag—> Immersed Copper—> Graphic Transfer—> Line Inspection—> Copper and Tin Plating—> Removal Film Etching—> Removing Tin—> Etching Inspection—> Medium Inspection Test—> Solder Mask—> Solder Mask Inspection—> Text—> Baking Plate—> Spray Tin, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin—> Shape—> V Cut- –> Finished product test—> Anti-oxidation—> Final inspection—> Finished product extraction—> Packaging

10-layer board lead time:

The price generally depends on process requirements, quantity, board size, etc. Customers can send us a quotation in Gerber files. Generally, the delivery time of 10-layer boards in a factory is about 10-12 days. In order to meet customer needs, Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology accepts urgent orders, which can be completed within one week as soon as possible.


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