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What is the PCB assembly company?

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly company is an outsourcing factory that provides PCB production and assembly services to complete the process of soldering electronic components to bare boards. Electronic components installed on the bare board can be through-hole and/or surface mount (SMT). PCB assembly is part of the electronics manufacturing process. Other segments can include cable or wire harness, box builds, programming, and functional testing.

The first step for a PCB assembly company to carry out a project is to discuss with the customer the most suitable technology, unit, equipment, and process for the project. Then start manufacturing orders. When the company assembles circuit boards, they will keep in touch with customers and provide them with updates on progress regularly. After the company completes the project according to your requirements, they will notify the customer that they have completed and sent the order.

What kinds of services provided by a PCB assembly company?

Essentially a PCB assembly company uses 3 methods to manufacture PCB assembly.
1.Surface-mount technology
Surface-mount technology is used to assemble a majority of PCBs. Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method in which the manufacturer mounts components directly on the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB). It also allows for higher connection densities and is typically faster and more cost-effective than through-hole manufacturing.
2.Through-hole manufacturing
Through-hole parts go through the PCB, which means holes have to be drilled through the board. This method is more time-consuming and expensive than surface-mount technology but is necessary for products that will undergo substantial mechanical stress, environmental stress, or high voltage. It’s also ideal for larger components such as connectors and transformers.
3.Electro-Mechanical Assembly:
Another name for this assembly process is box assembly. The process typically uses the following elements: looms; cable assemblies; wire harnesses; molded plastics and custom metal products. The designer uses all the above elements to assemble the electronic parts and the PCB to form a circuit board that meets the specifications.
Of course, a PCB assembly company also has other services.

How to choose a PCB assembly company?

There are many PCB assembly companies out there and if you are planning to hire one for your project, you need to make this decision wisely. Below we have mentioned a few important things that will help you choose the right PCB assembly company.
1. Evaluate Quality
When hiring a PCB assembly company, one thing you have to keep in mind is its quality. If they use the latest machinery with the best ratings, it means you will get high-quality work. Similarly, it’s not easy to get certified, so companies have to go through a rigorous process to get certified. Finally, you can view customer feedback by viewing customer comments on their website and social media.
2. Excellent Testing Services
If you do not conduct quality testing on your products, you may suffer significant losses. This will not only cause you financial harm but also damage your company's reputation. Therefore, before choosing a partner, you should ask them about their testing procedures and quality control. The best option is to choose a company with multiple testing procedures.
3. Customer Support
You need to ensure that the company you hire also provides good customer support. The quality of customer support is easy to judge because all you have to do is to have a conversation with a company representative. A good company means that they care about customers and provide the best support services.
4. Compare Costs

You must ask all the shortlisted companies to provide a quote for your project and compare accordingly. By and large, you need to hire a company with enough experience to complete your project at the last minute. A company that has been operating for many years will have experienced professionals, and team members will be able to better handle your project.

How do our strengths differ from our competitors?

Our goal is to be categorized as the easiest PCB assembly company to do business with. To achieve that goal, we prioritize our customers and make sure all their questions are duly answered. Our record of success sets us apart from our competitors.
·Reliable PCB manufacturing & assembly
Our Customers tell us that they buy from us because we are reliable that they can count on us to do what we say we will do. As a PCB assembly company with multiple testing procedures, we offer several industry-recognized testing methods including X-ray inspection; In-circuit Testing; Flying Probe Testing; Functional Testing; Visual Inspection; 2D and 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI); 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI); Dielectric Testing; Functional Testing.
·Precise and high-quality
We are not a broker. We have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to provide the quality consistency you need, and we are here after the sale to handle quickly any problems or questions that you may have with your order. For the sake of making sure you get exactly what you expect, we put quality at the top of every stage of operation including PCB assembly and can organize incoming raw materials, process control, and perfect testing, to provide you with the best PCB assembly.
·Supportive and complete services
We focus on and continuously innovate the following PCB assembly technologies: Surface Mount Assembly. (SMT); Through Hole Technology. (THT); Auto insertion and hand placement; Flow solder and hand soldered PCBs; Mixed technology PCB and double-sided SMT; Automated prototype through to production volumes; Build from the free issue or competitively procured parts; Automated optical inspection;
·Reduce development costs and time to market
From concept to manufacturing fulfillment, we work with entrepreneurs and companies to deliver end-to-end complex products on strict schedules. With our in-house electronic engineering and manufacturing expertise, we can help you enter the market faster and reduce overall hardware development costs.
·Best on-time shipping record
Due to the rapid development of science and technology, we have opened a separate advanced PCB production workshop to help customers obtain the best time to market and competitive advantage through advanced manufacturing capabilities, on-time delivery, and excellent product quality. In addition, fast delivery will never affect the quality. We have the best on-time shipping record in the industry, and we are now shipping 50% of our orders early.
·Instant quoting service
You can get instant quotes, order/reorder, upload files, and even get status online 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to wait for a long time to know the cost of the order. In addition, in order to cope with the inconvenience caused by the international time difference, we have set up flexible working hours to respond to customers’ quotation needs and related inquiries to the greatest extent possible on time.

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