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PCBA Board

What is the PCBA board?

The PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) board is one electronic part that has assembled components(such as capacitance, resistance, IC, connector, etc.) on PCB, with SMT, DIP, and soldering assembly technology. PCBA board is the support body of electronic components and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components, which mainly plays the role of support and interconnection.
Now PCBA board is widely used in various electronic and related products. Generally, there are 8 types of PCBs which electronic manufacturers use in PCBA service.
1. Single-layer PCB
2. Double-layer PCB
3. Multilayer PCB
4. Rigid PCB
5. Flexible PCB
6. Rigid-flex PCB
7. Aluminum-backed PCBs
8. High-frequency PCBs.

What are the factors affecting the cost of PCBA boards?

During the PCBA board manufacturing process, various factors must be taken into consideration. They are mentioned below:
·Material of Construction: PCBA boards used in military and aerospace applications must be strong enough to withstand high temperatures. Nowadays, anodized aluminum is used to minimize the effects of heat-induced oxidation. Various aluminum substrates combined with thermally conductive pre-pegs are known to offer weight advantages.
·Thermal Dissipation: Many times, it is seen that certain components on a PCB start dissipating heat more than 1 watt. It becomes important to control this heat dissipation to avoid PCB damage.
·Conformal Coating and Surface Finishes: Most aerospace and defense applications are subjected to extreme environmental conditions, such as continuous exposure to moisture, water, extreme temperature, and humidity. Hence, an appropriate conformal coating becomes important.
·Reduction of Electromagnetic Induction
During the PCBA board manufacturing process, a stranded wire is dipped into the hot melted solder, dried, and left to solidify. It helps improve transform a stranded wire into a solid wire and eliminate air gaps, as well as allow a stable airflow. Also, it improves the reliability of aerospace & military PCBs by about 2-5%.

What are the advantages of PCBA boards?

In recent times, the increasing demand for miniature devices is one of the reasons for its popularity. The board is permanent to have an electronic device worked.
It’s easy to find multilayer PCBs in many everyday devices that we use from miniature wearable devices to mission-critical communication devices. PCBA board has a better current carrying capacity comparing to a breadboard, you can make your traces wider to take more current so that it can work well.
1. You can add terminals to your printed circuit board for external connections.
2. You can mount heat-sinks to the board so that have they rigid.
3. There are widely used electronic devices.
4. Easier to understand the circuit on the board.

Also, a well-designed PCBA board means:
1. A reduction in production problems.
2. Improved quality control.
3. Reduced costs.

4. Reduced manufacturing times.

What are the manufacturing steps of PCBA boards?

1. Solder Paste Stenciling
First and foremost, the PCBA company applies a solder paste to the printed circuit board. In this process, you need to put solder paste on certain portions of the board. The manufacturer mixes paste with a flux. Because flux is a chemical that helps solder in melting and bonding to the board surface.
2. Pick and Place
After the successful completion of the first step, manufacturers place different electronic components and SMDs on a circuit board. In the traditional method, manufacturers use a pair of tweezers to place components on the board. Contrary to this, machines place components in the right position in the automated method.
3. Reflow Soldering
After placing the components in their right place, manufacturers solidify the solder paste. They can accomplish this task through a “reflow” process by sending the boards to a conveyor belt and passing from a large reflow oven.
4. Inspection and Quality Control
After mounting the components in the reflow process, you need to inspect the board for flaws. There are different ways to check the circuit board for misalignments and errors: Manual Check; Automatic Optical Inspection; X-Ray Inspection.
5. Insertion of Through-Hole Component
The boards might have different types of Plated through-holes components. PTH are different types of the hole in the circuit boards. By using these holes, components on circuit boards pass the signal to and from different layers.
6. Testing
After the completion of the soldering process, PCBAs pass through the final inspection. Testers test the board on different voltages, signals, and currents. If they have any problems, manufacturers can recycle or scrape the circuit boards.

Why Choose us for your PCB assembly service?

Since the circuit board is the heart of electronic devices, it is very difficult to choose the best of the best PCBA company for your valuable products. Your single wrong decision can lead you to a massive loss.
However, we are the finest option for you.
1. Reasonable and competitive pricing
We are one of the leading China PCBA manufacturers. We provide excellent quality boards at the lowest possible price and offer a very touchable purchasing process for the clients. That’s why we don’ have any hidden charges. For huge orders, you will get a special discount offer.

2. Reliable and wide range of services
We offer all types of circuit boards range from through-assembly to SMT surface mount assembly. Further, you can find prototype PCB assembly to short-run project assembly in our PCBA factory. Also, we are adept in complex PCB projects. If you have a price-sensitive project, you should consult this company.

3. The professional capacities
We have many professional and highly trained workers. So you will buy circuit boards built under the scrutiny of expert engineers who can give valuable advice to the customers and assist you in choosing suitable boards for your needs. Our PCBA Services include SMT PCB assembly, Through-hole PCB assembly, Box build assembly, and Cable &Wire harness assembly.

4. Real-time quotation and fast delivery
We offer instant quotes for your turnkey PCB assembly order, so you don’t need to wait a long time to know the cost of the order. In addition, we will do our utmost to deliver the boards in less time, because we understand how important it is to our customers that we deliver their PCBs on time, which helps you launch your product faster and more efficiently.


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