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PCBA Manufacturing

What is PCBA manufacturing?

PCBA manufacturing refers to manufacturers that provide both PCB assembly and PCB board manufacturing services in the printed circuit board industry.

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology has more than 20 years of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly experience and has now developed into a one-stop electronic contract manufacturer providing complete PCB assembly services. With our manufacturability (DFM) professional design and our unremitting efforts in process quality control, leading OEMs rely on Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology for custom PCB assembly/testing of their most advanced and reliable embedded computing products. We purchase high-quality electronic components at the most affordable prices, making us an ideal supplier for domestic and foreign customers/manufacturers. Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology has unique qualifications and can be manufactured for OEMs in various market spaces.

We can provide:

  Custom PCB Assembly
  Rigid Board
  Rigid-Flex PCB
  Flexible PCB & FFC
  SMT Assembly
  FUJI High Speed Lines
  Fine Pitch
  BGA & Micro BGA X-Ray
  01005 Package size capability
  PoP – Package on Package
  Rework Process and Verification
  Through-Hole Assembly
  Selective Soldering
  Wave Soldering
  Lead Forming & Trimming
  Press Fit
  Rework, Process and Verification

Key factors that should be considered when choosing PCBA manufacturing

1. The first is that the company must be a PCBA manufacturing company. Some companies only produce PCBs. Other companies not only produce PCBs, but also purchase other electronic components and assemble them on the PCB. Some provide partial services, and some can release the entire package to provide a complete turnkey service.
2. A very common category for finding any supplier or service provider is to check their customer base. Check how many customers they have served. Or check the number of people they currently serve and the ancestry of these customers. Customers like Sony or Samsung are high-profile, but there are benefits to serving non-high-profile companies. The PCBA manufacturing company you choose should serve the best, or at least be reputable. At the same time, it can be manufactured at an appropriate cost.
3. Does PCBA manufacturing company support prototyping services? Some companies (possibly including yours) can only have the capabilities at the design stage. If the manufacturing company can undertake prototype production at the lowest cost, it will be a great advantage. The company should also provide layout reviews to check for problems and provide opportunities for correction and optimization before mass production.
4. Choosing a PCBA manufacturing company. The manufacturing company is best able to provide end-to-end services, such as prototype design, layout review, which may include inventory management, warehousing, and transportation. Make sure it allows start-ups and established companies to work with minimal manpower and simplify their business.

Why choose our PCBA manufacturing?

1. Use high-quality materials and the best components
In order to ensure that your electronic equipment runs at the highest efficiency and speed, Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology only relies on top parts and components in the PCB assembly process. Since PCBs are the key support system for electronic devices, they must be composed of only the most durable and reliable materials.
2. Simple to complex, everything is possible
Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology will be able to provide everything you need in printed circuit board assembly: from the simplest basic circuit boards to complex high-speed circuit boards with multi-layer and pitch processors. Knowing what to look for in PCBA is important because top PCBA manufacturing companies will let you customize your circuit boards and provide options including surface mount and through-hole assembly; single-sided or multi-layer boards; and low- and medium-volume capacities .
3. Inspection, testing and quality control
Unreliable circuit boards may eventually cost you money and waste your time. This is why Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology is an integral part of your business's success; you need the best electronic components to run efficiently, which means the best circuit board. Inspection, testing, and quality control are some of the most important steps in PCBA, because they ensure that your board runs at maximum efficiency. This process ensures that you receive the best components without any defects or defects that would affect the operation or function of the circuit board.
Since printed circuit boards are an important part of most electronic devices, you must choose the best PCBA manufacturing company for your circuit board assembly. Reliability, functionality, durability, and only the highest quality components can guarantee that all your electronic devices (from mobile phones to medical devices, LEDs, car parts, and all other electronic devices) can run as efficiently as possible.

As the most popular PCB manufacturing and assembly company in China, we have provided full-spec electronic manufacturing solutions for 13 years to meet customer needs. Our customers come from different industries with cost-effectiveness, quality, delivery and any other requirements. From PCB design and layout to PCB prototyping, mass manufacturing, to
PCB assembly, electronic box assembly services, our printed circuit boards are widely used in robotics, medical, automotive, communications, industrial and consumer electronics products.
If you have any questions, please contact freely, we will reply to you ASAP.

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