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FR4 Tg170

Layers: 20
Thickness: 2.8 mm
PCB size: 220*158mm
Materials: FR4 Tg170
Soldermask: Green
Surface finish: Immersion Gold
Trace width/space: 4/4 mil
Application: Satellite systems
  • Product Detail

Product Detail:

Tg means Glass Transition Temperature. As flammability of printed circuit board (PCB) is V-0 (UL 94-V0), so if the temperature exceeds designated Tg value, the board will changed from glassy state to rubbery state and then the function of PCB will be affected.

If working temperature of your product is higher than normal (130-140C), then have to use high Tg material which is > 170C. and popular PCB high value are 170C, 175C, and 180C. Normally the PCB Tg value should be at least 10-20C higher than working temperature of product. If you 130TG board, working temperature will be lower than 110C; if use 170 high TG board, then maximum working temperature should be lower than 150C.

Hecheng Fast Electronic Technology is a PCB manufacturer and PCB Assemble service provider for electric Industry. We can provide one stop solution for all electronic manufacturing services for our customers worldwide. We manufacture high-level backplanes, HDI PCB’s, high frequency PCB’s, high TG PCB’s, halogen-free PCB’s, metal substrates, flex and rigid-flex PCB’s, along with other high-tech products. Our company passed ISO-9001 quality system certification and all ISO-14001 environmental system certifications. Many products have attained UL approval by our Engineering Preventive Control Dept. for strict production control of procedures.


Tg 150 or Tg 170?

If you do not get involved in the PCB manufacturing industry, you will be confused by Tg 150 and Tg 170. For FR4 material, the normal Tg is between 130°C and 140°C. The medium Tg exceeds 150°C, but the high Tg can reach 170°C or higher. Such as 180°C. The printed circuit board should be flame retardant during the manufacturing process, and more importantly, the stability of the circuit board size (X, Y, Z) should be maintained. Generally speaking, the higher the Tg, the better. However, if the Tg value is too high, it will increase the difficulty of machining and increase the cost of raw materials and manufacturing. Therefore, a substrate with a high Tg and easy processing should be selected.

The main factor in considering the use of 150 or 170 Tg PCB materials is the operating temperature. If it is lower than 130C/140C, then Tg 150 material is suitable for your PCB; but if the working temperature is around 150C, you must choose 170 Tg.

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